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IMPACT: How does the world IMPACT us? How do we IMPACT the world? Developed by past youth worker, Jess Suisted, IMPACT is an effective tool to engage young people in activities and discussions about the environment, sustainability, global and local issues, and their unique purpose.

IMPACT consists of 40 sessions, divided into 4 topics; Global Citizens, Sustainability, Global Issues and Purpose. Each topic has a workbook for participants that can be used to reflect on their learning. IMPACT can be facilitated as a year-long programme or each topic as a standalone 10 week programme.

We highly recommend this resource to youth workers, teachers or anyone wanting to explore the world’s IMPACT on us and our IMPACT on the world with young people.


“There is a fantastic range of topics covered over the year and opportunities for the students to put what they learn into action and in the process, develop good leadership skills at home and at school… The great thing about this programme is that even though we learn about a lot of different big issues, we are not challenged by them to be weighed down or feel like we have to solve those issues; we are challenged to learn and then choose our response once we are informed.  None of us can solve the big issues by ourselves but each of us can make a difference if we choose to.”

Hannah Cossey, Youth Worker and IMPACT Facilitator


How to Order

Download the IMPACT Order Form. Email to Andrena for processing. Final postage costs will be advised when order is processed. 






INSPIRE is a unique discussion-based personal development programme which will inspire young women as they discover who they are, uncover their true potential and develop a passion for making the world a better place.


INSPIRE is relationship based, meaning that the relationships built are of the most importance. We don’t run it for the sake of running a programme. We use the programme to create opportunities for relationships to form and conversations to happen. We hope that the relationships built during the programme will continue long after the programme finishes. The youth workers become positive role models to the young women they have on the INSPIRE programme.


“After eight sessions, we are finding the girls are really starting to open up, trusting us and each other to hold increasingly vulnerable information about their experiences and emotions. I would say all of the girls are engaging at a much deeper level than they started with, which is so encouraging. We have plenty of fun in our weekly hour too; with plenty of yummy treats and laughs shared.”

Toni O’Beirne, Youth Worker and INSPIRE Facilitator


How to Order

Email Andrena for queries on pricing and to order. Final postage costs will be advised when order is processed.