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Ko au, ko

koe, ko taua,


You and I are one

24-7 YouthWork is a network of churches and schools and, as such,

communication is vital to us.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don’t hesitate

to make contact – we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.


If you are a school or church looking to get started with 24-7YW, your first

point of call is your local Regional Coordinator. If you are a person looking

to be employed as a youth worker, then please check out our vacancies.

Contact Us

Office Location:

24-7YW Office

237 Lyttelton Street

Spreydon 8024

Christchurch, New Zealand


+ 64 3 338 4327


Postal Address:

PO Box 33092

Barrington 8244

Christchurch, New Zealand



24-7YW Administrator

Network Staff


Service and Implementation


24-7YW operates on a decentralised model, empowering local stakeholders to support their local communities and encouraging region-to-region support. 

This accounts for our small national staff whose main priorities are to serve local communities and implement nationwide initiatives.

Jay Geldard

National Network Coordinator


Jay Geldard started out his days in youth work with the 24-7YW Hornby Presbyterian team at Hornby High School.  He completed eight years in the school before moving on to work full time for the National 24-7YW Network in 2009.
Jay is passionate about working with young people in schools and says, “The teenage years are often some of the toughest and young people need good role models to help them transition well into adulthood.”

He has a real heart to see churches and schools working closer together for the benefit of the students and is excited about the future growth of the Network.


Contact Jay





Alan Aitken

Network Development Specialist 


Alan Aitken is a management consultant for a variety of charitable and community-based organisations including 24-7YW. He has been involved with church and community groups for over 25 years including 16 years as a church pastor which saw him undertake a range of youth, administration, teaching and leadership roles.


Al reflects that success, in whatever charitable organisation, is always about people and always comes back to people.


Contact Alan




Andrena McPhillips

Network Administrator


Andrena McPhillips joined the 24-7YW team in 2018. She attends ARISE at the Christchurch campus and has been working for a local building company for the past four years. Andrena has a genuine love and calling for administration, which we are thrilled about and very thankful for.



Contact Andrena

Nicky Geldard

Network Communications


After spending six  years high school teaching, Nicky Geldard joined the 24-7YW team in 2011.


Initially trained as a journalist, Nicky loves using her communications background to indirectly be involved in schools work. She believes young people hunger after genuine relationship and sees youth work as one way of fulfilling that need.


Contact Nicky

Aroha Skinner

Events Coordinator


Aroha Skinner joined the team in 2016 and has been an incredible asset to 24-7YW. Having spent time in the UK as a Stage Manager for Hillsong, Aroha has a great eye for detail and manages to keep all the plates spinning while retaining her good humour. We don’t know how we managed without her!


Contact Aroha


Regional Coordinators


Partnership and Vision


Along with the national staff 24-7 YouthWork is led by representatives from the regions that meet four times a year.

The principal roles of the regional coordinators are to:

• Be a point of contact for churches and schools in their area.

• Meet with Team Leaders in their region and represent the collective voice of the youth workers from their area.

• Provide strategic vision for the 24-7YW Network.

Anna Alison


Contact Anna


Anna Alison joined the Regional Coordinators Group in 2017 and has managed the team at Bream Bay College for the last two years.


As well as working with young people at Life Point Church, Anna is a mum and a teacher. She is perceptive and has strengths in administration and organisation. 

Grant Warner


Contact Grant


Appointed as the Auckland Development Coordinator at the beginning of 2013, Grant Warner has been invaluable to the RCG due to his background in education and family development.


Affiliated with Green Bay High School and Titirangi Baptist, Grant enjoys seeing youth work changing the world one person at a time.


Jess Suisted

Bay of Plenty

Contact Jess


Jess Suisted was a youth worker at Cambridge High School from 2010 – 2014. She is based at Raleigh St Christian Centre in Cambridge and joined the RCG in 2015 to begin sharing the vision for 24-7YW in the Bay of Plenty area.
Jess is passionate about churches building up their local communities!


Warwick Prewer


Contact Warwick


Warwick Prewer has managed the Cambridge High youth work team from Raleigh St Christian Centre for the past four years.
He joined the RCG in 2013 and loves working with young people to see them grow and develop to their full potential.



Jeff Jones


Contact Jeff


Jeff Jones has been involved in youth work in Taranaki since 2001. He joined Northpoint Baptist Church in 2004 and has been Youth Pastor there since 2010.


Jeff was a 24-7 Youth Worker at Puketapu School from 2012-2017, and was appointed Regional Coordinator for Taranaki in 2017. 
He is passionate about young people finding connection and purpose, and loves the way 24-7YW allows churches and school to work together to achieve this.



Daryl Judd


Contact Daryl


Daryl Judd became the Team Leader for Tawa College when the school joined the 24-7YW Network at the beginning of 2015. Employed as the Youth and Associate Pastor at Tawa Baptist, Daryl has been involved in youth work (either paid or voluntary) for a number of years.


Daryl has been interested in the work of 24-7YW and Duane Major (24-7YW founder) for many years and his maturity and sound wisdom are a welcome addition to the Regional Coordinators Group, which he joined late 2015.



Nick Ippolito


Contact Nick


Nick Ippolito has been doing youth work in America and all around New Zealand since 2003. He has been a youth worker at Waimea College since 2014 and is also the Team Leader.


At the start of 2015, Nick was appointed as the Regional Coordinator for the Nelson/Marlborough area. Nick is affiliated with Hope Community Church.



Luke Gardiner


Contact Luke


Luke Gardiner started as a youth worker in 2001 at Hillmorton High as a part of South West Baptist Church (formerly Spreydon Baptist).  He completed eight years before going to university and then training as a secondary teacher.


Luke has now come full circle as he became the Canterbury Regional Coordinator in January, 2015.  We greatly value his historical knowledge and on-the-ground understanding of what it means to be a 24-7YW youth worker.



24-7YW Board of Trustees

Guardianship and empowerment

24-7 YouthWork is governed by a voluntary board of trustees that meets four times a year with input from Jay Geldard, the Network Coordinator.

The principal roles of the board are to:

• Ensure that the Trust is coherent, responsible and viable.

• That its activities remain true to the ethos of 24-7YW.

• Oversee the work of Network staff.

Duane Major |


Duane Major has a background in education and sport and is a Pastor at South West Baptist Church (SWBC) and the founder of 24-7 YouthWork.

Duane became a volunteer youth worker well over 20 years ago, and says he was drawn to youth work because of its energy and the opportunities it created.  “I saw it as an opportunity to make a real difference” Duane says. “Youth is a fantastic stage of life, and youth workers can be hugely influential during this time.” Duane enjoys working with young people of all ages and backgrounds – and believes the community has a big part to play in ensuring all young people grow into well-rounded adults.

Alan Ameye |

Alan Ameye, and his wife Heather, spent thirteen years working for YFC (Youth for Christ) in Wellington before moving to the City of Sails to serve as youth pastors for nearly eleven years at Windsor Park Baptist Church on the North Shore.

His current role is the Northern Regional Youth Ministry Coach for Baptist Churches, which he has been doing for the last seven years. Alan enjoys identifying and observing trends in youth ministry and endeavours to keep up with new initiatives around the world. He loves sitting with Youth Pastors and hearing their stories over a coffee (which he doesn’t drink so it’s usually a water).

Alan Aitken |

Alan Aitken is a management consultant for a variety of charitable and community-based organisations including 24-7YW.
He has been involved with church and community groups for over 25 years including 16 years as a church pastor which saw him undertake a range of youth, administration, teaching and leadership roles.

Al reflects that success, in whatever charitable organisation, is always about people and always comes back to people.

Grant Chivers |

Grant Chivers is the 018 Manager at South West Baptist Church with responsibilities for all Youth and Children’s work including being involved with seven not-for-profit Trusts within Christchurch. Grant has been involved with various Youth Trusts, Youth Work and Children’s Work of varying sorts for the last 25 years and has a passion to see young people flourish and grow into healthy, contributing, whole adults.

Grant and his wife, Emma, spent three years with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Southern Africa in their life before kids and their passions are youth, children, Global Missions and family – along with a great cup of coffee or a mountain bike ride on a forest track.

Gabrielle Bisseker | 


Gabrielle Bisseker is a former 24-7YW Youth Worker at Rangiora High. For the last seven years, Gabrielle has been working as a Child and Family Psychologist with a special interest in helping teens with chronic suicidal and self-harm behaviour. She is also clinical educator with the Child and Family Psychology Programme at the University of Canterbury.

Outside of work, Gabrielle enjoys being creative, learning new skills and having mini-adventures. 

Marcus Driller | 


Marcus Driller is General Manager Corporate at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. His role encompasses investor and media relations, corporate communications, reporting and sponsorship. Marcus is passionate about seeing businesses, not-for-profit organisations, churches and schools coming together to form stronger communities in Aotearoa. He was drawn to 24-7YW because of their desire to make a difference in the lives of young New Zealanders, who will not only play an important part in our future communities, but are an integral part of our communities today.

Marcus is married to Toni and with their 3 children, they enjoy water-skiing, cycling, travelling and swimming. 


Please note: these vacancies are forwarded from our affiliated churches and groups within the 24-7YW Network. 


Youth Worker – Cobham Intermediate

St Aidan’s Bryndwr 24-7 youth work opportunity

Love working with intermediates? Passionate to see rangatahi grow to their full potential?

The 24-7 Youthwork team at St Aidan’s Bryndwr has a faith-based youth work role working with Intermediate-aged boys at Cobham Intermediate. This role is for ten hours per week during school terms.

St Aidan’s is a vibrant church right in the heart of Bryndwr, Christchurch.  We have strong youth ministries and are committed to rangatahi, community development and transforming lives.

Our youthworkers support young boys to grow to their potential and to find their place within their school and local community.

The role involves joining St Aidan’s and volunteering in our youth groups, working with the same group of rangatahi as you’ll be supporting at Cobham. There are excellent training and development opportunities – you’ll find we’re really committed to the wellbeing of our team.

We’re looking for a youthworker who:

  • Has a passion for youth work
  • Has great leadership skills and
  • Is keen to work in a team environment

Please apply by emailing your CV with a cover letter to Jacqui Stevenson at Applications close 5pm on Friday 5th October.


Youth Worker – Marlborough Boys’ College (Blenheim)

Love working with young people? Love the outdoors?  Then we have an amazing opportunity for you! We here at Elim Christian Centre Blenheim are looking for a motivated male youth worker to help us pioneer with 24-7 YouthWork at Marlborough Boys’ College. The position is for 10 hours per week. 

Come and enjoy some of the longest sunshine hours in New Zealand, with the stunning Marlborough Sounds just 30 minutes away, and in 90 minutes you can be on the Snow at Rainbow Ski Field! 

If this sounds like you, please call Alf Millar on 027 403 8062 or send him an email


Youth Worker – Bream Bay College (Northland)

Work, Surf and Study (potentially for free) in one of New Zealand’s best east coast towns.

Hey all you youth crazy people, we here at Lifepoint Baptist Church, One Tree Point – situated in sunny surf soaked Northland (only 90 minutes from Auckland) – are looking for an inspirational person to join our 24-7YW team at Bream Bay College, 10 hours per week. The trust maybe willing to financially contribute towards your youth ministry related studies. 

If this sounds like you please call Simon Currie 021 241 3837  (Senior Pastor)


Youth Worker – St John’s College (Hamilton): two positions


Combined role working in St. John’s College and the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and supporting the events of the Catholic Youth Office. These positions can be combined with study or part-time work



-Skills in working with youth

-The ability to be self-motivated while also working as a team



Catholic Youth Office Coordinator and is affiliated with the 24-7 Youth Work Programme



-Leadership Development

-Cultivating school spirit

-Supporting staff and students

-Helping students with extra-curricular activities

-Building positive relationships during and outside of school

-Support the link between the school and the Cathedral youth group (Lifeteen Hamilton) / Parish community



-A committed young Catholic who is involved and committed to their local parish community



-A passion for being a transforming influence in their local community

-A living relationship with Jesus

-Sound group work skills

-Basic leadership skills with a commitment to receive further training

-Good ability to relate to and be accepted by young people

-Clear written and oral communication skills

-Ability to manage own time and priorities

-Ability to manage projects

-Ability to work as part of a wider team and to develop a team around them



Please e-mail Briege Koning at with your CV and cover letter


If you have a vacancy you would like to

appear on this page, then please email

the 24-7YW Administrator with the relevant details.